hi listen to new dogs please


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*later though*

also listen to my band 


Please Reblog if you play Yugioh TCG


Please reblog if you play yugioh the trading card game. Want to meet more people that play on devpro/ygopro/dueling network or even that just want to duel on skype.

Trying to see how big the fan base is on tumblr. Also been thinking about doing Livestreams of yugioh tcg/ocg related events like watching coverage on YCS/ARG/Worlds. As well as doing livestreams of duels!

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Anonymous said: Talk to me about Lil Ugly Mane.


Lil Ugly Mane is a great rapper, an ASTOUNDING producer, and one of the few good white rappers of the modern era. Mista Thug Isolation is one of the greatest rap records of the last five years.

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